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. CLASSES WILL BE HELD FROM 8:30AM TO 4:30PM with a break for lunch.**

NOTE: If you think you might need a light, bring one!


Class Description




John Engler
Cost $325+ blank ($40-$50)
Class Project: Relief Carving, choice of projects
Tools:  Safety glove, V-tools, knives, skews, flat gouges, fishtail gouges, and assortment of standard gouges. John's class will be a lesson in medium depth relief carving.  Beginner to advanced carvers are welcome .  No experience is necessary. Students will have a choice of subject matter including architectural, animal, and Christmas themes. No drawing will be required of the student as the subject is already on the piece of wood. Sizes of projects range from 9" x 12" to 12 " x 16" with a few larger projects available if desired. Students work at their own pace with both group and individual instruction.   If time allows, a watercolor painting class will follow.  John provides the paints and brushes for the students to purchase. View John's carvings at www.johnenglerwoodcarving.com.
Project Sample Thumbnails:  (many to choose from)



Izo Becic
Cost $295 + blank
Class Project: Architectural Carving, Decorative Mirror & Shelves or Gouge Chip Carved Box or students's choice.
Izo is an award winning European trained Master Carver. His carving specialty is the restoration and duplication of altars, statues, antique furniture and architectural detail.  Designs will be set up in the blank by Izo. Tools required are: gouges, mallet and at least two or four clamps for holding the blank. Izo will have some tools for loan and to sell. You will be proud of your carving and walk away with knowledge from the Master. Izo will call each student to verify project blank choice. Blanks could be in butternut, basswood or black walnut.

Blanks are $60 for 24” , $95 for 37” , Mirror 27”x37”  $ 350.

Project Sample Thumbnails:

   Castle   Carved  Notes   Carved Cross   Castle


Loren Woodard

Loren Woodard
Cost $265+ Materials ($20 and up)
Class Project: Santa Carving In-the-Round & Relief
Tools: Safety glove, carving knives and variety carving tools.  We will use a lot of #3 and #11 gouges of various sizes. Bring what you have.. It is important that you bring a good light. Loren will have some tools available to loan. Loren has been carving for 32 years. He has had articles published by Carving Magazine and was a previous instructor for CarvinOnline. Loren will have a variety of roughouts, including larger Santa roughouts in relief and patterns for intaglio relief  We will paint on day 5.  Above all else, we will have a good time and you will learn something. 

  Santa 1  Santa 2  Santa 3  Santa 4  Santa 5
Class Description


Vic Hood

Vic Hood
Cost $295+ blank ($70 - $90.00)
Class Project: Large American Indian Bust
Tools: Safety glove, medium to large mallet gouges.   Vic’s class is amazing.  You will not be carving from a blank, but rather a butternut log.  Vic will rough out your log with a chain saw.  Your job will be to have an idea of your project when you come to class.  You may carve any subject you desire as long as it is a bust carving.  Vic will help you design your project. Vic started carving in 1991 and has won over 100 awards.  Contact Vic at vhood@leatherwoodinc.com.  Vic is the president of a unique building corporation that specializes in restoration of historic buildings. 


Alec LaCasse
Cost $325 + $35 Materials Fee
Class Project: Realistic Human Face in Cottonwood Bark
Tools: Safety glove; #4 -25mm, #9 -6mm, #9 -16mm gouges; #47 -4mm v-tool; #11 -4mm, #10 -3mm, #11 -2mm veiners; 2-2" spring clamps to hold backerboard to easel fixture; 2-Short Bar clamps or 6"+ "C" -clamps; a 1-1.25" sharp bench or detail knife and 220 and 320 grit sandpaper. Exact carving tools are not necessary, just within range of the shape and size. Learning outcomes include achieving realistic human facial features in cottonwood bark, carving hair, jewelry, clothing, and other adornment. Students will be able to purchase extra materials if they choose to start a second project. Students can pick from two project choices: sleeping greenman or native portrait. Other project ideas may be requested per conversation with instructor. Alec is the creator of the Fundamentals of Woodcarving (Online Woodcarving School — Alec LaCasse). For more information on the class, contact Alec at email: alec@aleclasse.com
Project Thumbnails:

  Sleeping Greenman   Indian   


Pat Moore

Pat Moore
Cost $325 + blank
Class Project: Open Carving Class

Tools: Safety glove, hand and palm tools (NO POWER)  Students may bring a light if they desire.  Pat will be teaching an open carving class from one of her collection of over 40 rough outs. Projects include Santas, Indians, caricatures, birds, dragon, and others.  This class is designed  with each student's individual needs in mind!  Work on what you would like help on, such as laying out faces, fur, hair texture or just completing a project. Pat enjoys teaching and goes through many aspects of anatomy and techniques  concentrating on how to simplify your steps making your carving experience both enjoyable and efficient.  If you have any questions you can contact Pat at 1-800-825-2657 or email her at info@roughouts.com

  072  Indians 835-836-837  Cougar Head 851  Christmas Santa 857  St. Nick 869


Janet Denton Cordell

Janet Denton Cordell
Cost $270 + blank
Class Project: Open Carving
Tools: Safety glove, large veiners with deep sweeps, a good selection of palm or mallet tools. Janet is a member of a family of woodcarvers with a combined total of over 200 years of woodcarving experience. She is recognized by the state of Arkansas as a master woodcarver, both for her skill in a large variety of subject material, and her focus on teaching others to share in woodcarving themselves. 
This is a class with an open format, so you will need to contact Janet to make sure the project you want is available. You can carve the subject of your choice, with certain restrictions, so check first.  Janet will bring a large variety of roughouts, ranging from animals to humans, but other subject materials are also available as band sawn blanks. Prices for projects vary. Contact Janet to discuss your project at email: janet_cordell@yahoo.com




Class Description


Debbe Edwards
Cost $285 + blank ($40 to $55)
Class Project: Project To Be Determined
Tools: Safety glove, wood burner, paints, knife, #3 and #5 gouges, 1/2" and 1/4" U gouges, and veiners in sizes 3/16", 1mm and 2mm. Debbe's class is a learning experience combined with fun. Her class will focus on anatomy, expression and mood, muscle structure, hair texture, movement, and painting to create the realism for which she is known.  Much attention is also given to expression, thus putting life in your animal's eyes.  Debbe teaches through a combination of group discussions along with individual instruction.

Debbe Edwards has been teaching woodcarving classes for 27 years.  She began carving in 1990, and has won numerous Blue Ribbon and Best of Show awards at Woodcarving Shows and Fine Art Shows.  Debbe is nationally known for her realistic animals.  Classes are taught through group demonstration, and individual help.

You can view some of her works on her website:  www.debbeedwards.com



Class Description



Josh Guge

Josh Guge
Cost: $380 + Material/Supply Fee $40 (Wood, eyes, etc.)
Class Project: Carve a Saw-whet Owl
Josh will teach a full life size Saw-whet owl. Josh will do a series of demonstrations that will teach the students every aspect of carving and painting a realistic bird.  Josh is going to cover the intricacies of creating a soft feathered realistic look that has made him a much sought-after instructor.  While this is a power carving class, Josh will allow students who only work with gouges and knives.  Josh will have a study cast for this project that will be provided to use throughout the class.   Students who do not have time to finish their piece will paint the study cast.   A tool list for the class can be found at http://www.gugeinstitute.com/classes. 

The material or supply fee $40. A study cast can also be purchased if desired. If you have any questions, please call Josh at 224-629-0581 or email josh@gugeinstitute.com.

  Saw-whet Owl


Class Description


Dallas Deege

Dallas Deege
Select from one of two options:
One Day Cost $100 - includes first blank, additional blanks $5.00 ea.
OR Two Days Cost $150 -
includes first blank, additional blanks $5.00 ea.
Class Project: Learn to design , layout and carve faces.

Dallas will be teaching one 1-day OR one 2-day seminar on Monday and Tuesday.  Dallas will be offering sharpening services when not teaching. The Seminar is structured for one-on-one instructions with some group lectures.  The emphasis is on teaching caricature techniques and skills on facial expressions.  Learn the concepts of how to design, layout, and carve a face out of block of wood 1 ½ inch x 1 ½ inch x 5 inches.

Tools required:  glove, carving knife, palm tools, v-tools, gouges, etc.  For additional information you may contact Dallas at dallasdeege@gmail.com or call 832-492-2148.

     More Carciature Heads



Chris Hammack

Chris Hammack
Cost $285 + blank ($2.50 - $55.00)
Class Project: Many caricatures projects to choose from.

Tools:  Safety Glove, assorted gouges, and knives.  Chris has won many Caricature Carving Awards and is known for his barflies, cowboys, bottle stoppers and other caricatures.   He will cover carving, painting and finishing these pieces.  He will also have an assortment of roughouts if you would like to work on another project.  Any brushes, paints, you can bring will be appreciated.  Chris will supply all the antiquing, finishing products you will need to complete the project.  Chris is also a member of the Caricature Carvers of America and you can see samples of his work at www.chrishammackart.com and www.cca-carvers.org/bio-pages/hammack.html

Class Description


Carolyn Halbrook
Cost $300 + blanks $2.00-$75.00
Class Project - Various Chip Carving and Wood Burning Projects for Beginner and Advanced
Beginning chip carvers will do a practice board (included with the class) to learn how to hold the knife and learn many basic cuts, including four different types of rosettes. Lettering instructions are also available. There is a very large assortment of projects to choose from, from small ornaments to boxes, clocks, plates of different sizes and many more items, both functional and decorative. These come in various skill levels, from beginning to advanced. Classes have many group demonstrations, as well as frequent one on one instruction.

Beginning wood burning students will also have the opportunity to do a practice board to get familiar with the different tips and the different effects possible with each one.  5” x 7” and 8” x 10”  boards of Italian Poplar will be available for projects as well as all of the ornaments, boxes, plates, etc. There will be many demonstrations and one on one instructions. 

Chip carvers will need a sharp chip carving knife. If you don’t already have one and you would like, I will help you choose a knife  when you get to class. Wood burners will need a wood burner with a small assortment of tips, usually about three. A light will be very helpful. My
Email address is: jchalbrook@comcast.net.   Website: www.carolynsartworks.com.  If you have any questions about the class, knives, project, etc. please email Carolyn.
Project Sample Thumbnails:  ( many more to chose from)

      Barn  Hub



Class Description



Bob Schrepfer

Robert (Bob) Schrepfer
Cost $270 + cost of blank ($40 - $50)
Class Project: Carving Hand Mirror Relief or Chip Carving

Tools: Safety glove, sharp carving tools, V-tools, knives, gouges ( #3, 5, 7, 9 – ranging in sizes from 1/8” to 5/8”), veiners ( 2,3,4,5 mm). Both hand and palm tools are helpful (NO POWER). It would be good for each carver to have a bench hook, non-slip matting, white and black graphite paper, pencil and pen. Students may bring a light if they prefer. This class is shallow to medium relief or chip carving. Beginners with some knowledge of carving to advanced are welcome. The wood type blanks are made from range from basswood, butternut, eastern red cedar, cherry, black walnut and tulip poplar. Occasionally other varieties are red oak, white oak, hickory and maple. Blanks are sanded smooth and ready to carve. Students have a choice of flowers, humming bird and vine or butterfly and flower patterns to trace onto their choice of mirror blank. If students would prefer to use their own design on the mirror it would need to fit within an area 4 ½” to 4 ¾” in diameter. Students work at their own pace with both individual and group instruction. If time allows, a Tung Oil Finish and the mounting of mirrors will be done on finished pieces. Bob will furnish the Tung Oil and Silicone for mounting the mirror. If you have any questions you can contact Bob at bobcarver49@gmail.com.

  Mirror  Mirror  Mirror

Class Description



Gregg Thompson and George Smith
Cost $260 - includes the first bear blank
Class Project - Beginning Woodcarving
All beginner carvers need to carve the bear first to learn the basic carving techniques.  After the bear is completed, additional projects will be available.  

While anyone can take this class, it is designed for beginners or carvers who are just getting started in the art of woodcarving.  Students will complete at least one project during seminar and will have time to start another including your choice of a Santa Bear, farmer caricature, eagle relief carving, or eagle relief carving with a flag background, Gnome, etc.  Paints and finishing supplies will be provided for the projects at no additional cost to the student.  In this class you are encouraged to ask questions, start banter, and have a great time.

Please bring quality carving tools that are sharp and ready to carve to class.  If you don’t have your tools, all tools will be available for purchase at the seminar.  Why not let your instructors help you get good tools?  All students are required to wear a safety glove, which will also be available.  When you take Gregg and George’s class, they expect you to have a lot of fun, ask a lot of questions, and have a great time. 

You will take a “field trip” during the seminar to see what other instructors and students are doing and be introduced to our wood supplier and tool vender. 

This is a fun class to take, see ya at seminar.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Gregg at 316-258-1828.

  bear   farmer   eagle   flag eagle

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